• Tandarts Mathieu Declerck
  • Smisstraat 17, 3080 Vossem
  • 02/767 65 36

About Mathieu Declerck

Since 1988, people have come to Mathieu Declerck’s dynamic and contemporary dental practice. Since 1992, we have been welcoming our patients in Vossem near Tervuren in a pleasant, spacious and hospitable atmosphere which we are sure you will appreciate too.

Who are we - Dentist Mathieu Declerck

Cosmetic dental care

We at Mathieu Declerck are mainly profiled in cosmetic dental care:

  • White glass polymer fillings
  • Metal free porcelain crowns
  • Dental implants

But of course patients can also come for general dental care.

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Plenty of flexibility

Thanks to our well-organised diary and great flexibility, you don’t have to wait many long weeks before you can be seen.
We even take on emergency cases the day itself!

And you will see a dentist who speaks several languages fluently.

Who are we?

Collaboration & referrals

If we cannot offer you the treatment you need in our own practice, we will happily refer you to one of our competent colleagues we work with.